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Beyond Migration: Consolidating Your Atlassian Licenses Into a Single Cloud Instance
ServiceRocket Team
Cross-Team Collaboration
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Most enterprises have at least a few Jira and Confluence instances across the organization. With teams operating on separate platforms on varying deployment types — administration, governance, user tracking, and cost efficiency become overly complex.

However, it is easier than ever to now consolidate your Atlassian licenses into a single cloud instance. Thanks to the steady drumbeat of enhancements to Cloud products over the past few years, each edition is helping users scale to new levels. Improved performance and security, powerful integrations to both Atlassian and 3rd party offerings, and ease of use around search and reporting empower organizations of all sizes to deliver value faster.

In this webinar, join Taiwo Akindele, Sr Consultant, Solution Architecture and Danielle Kirkeby, Customer Success Manager from ServiceRocket as they explored:

  • The benefits of migrating and consolidating into a single Atlassian Cloud instance
  • The different consolidation strategies and tools available
  • Things to consider before migrating and the benefits of working with a Solution Partner

Increase your company’s competitive advantage by harnessing the power of Cloud to improve efficiency and drive innovation.

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