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Design More Compelling Confluence Pages with Composition Tabs
Gretchen Pawloski
Director, Product Marketing
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Collaboration is front and center in the digital workplace, and Confluence is the way to connect teams with the information they need. But as projects grow more complex, sprawl sets in. Text-heavy pages begin to lack focus. Vital information gets buried. Engagement slows, readers lose interest, retention flat lines. Projects suffer, as deadlines are missed. You start to think, “There’s got to be a better way…”

It turns out that the more information you have, the more organized it needs to be. That’s why we created Composition Tabs for Confluence, a simple-to-use tool that takes the heavy lifting out of creating pages that are easy to read and maintain. With Composition Tabs, you can differentiate content for multiple audiences on one page by visually directing readers to the information that’s specific to them using powerful macros. And with design features like hero images, banners and callouts, your visually-rich pages will keep readers attention.

Composition Tabs gives your team the ability to create engaging pages faster, and update them as projects evolve. Here’s how Composition Tabs can add value to your Confluence pages.  
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Highly Customizable Tabs Create Better Formatting  

Composition Tabs for Confluence features a highly-customizable tab structure:

  • Vertical tabs: (top, bottom, left, right) make it easy to segment content by audience, timeline, subject matter, Jira issue, user role, team or any other grouping you may have. No more page scroll!
  • Sub-tabs: create content hierarchy and allow your audience to drill down into more detail while maintaining an organized look and feel.
  • Auto-rotate tabs: create a mini-slideshow that’s great for displaying news on a homepage, events, important reminders, etc.
tabs for Confluence
Composition tabs for Confluence
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Design Elements Drive Page Engagement

Composition Tabs macros lets you add visually-interesting and design elements to create beautiful Confluence pages, including paper-like cards that call out important content or calls-to-action.

Tabs for Confluence

Create page banners, spotlights and hero images that grab the reader’s attention. Use categories, pin-ups, menus and highlights to drive page engagement.

Visual Call Outs Become Easy to Create

Use Composition Tab macros to create toggled sections that become visible or hidden. Create floating sections of text and images that draw attention to important information and add visual interest.

Over 2,000 organizations worldwide use Composition Tabs for Confluence. Customers rave about Composition’s must-have Confluence product functionality and the quality of our global support team. We’re here to answer your questions and help you move past any roadblocks, especially during evaluation and implementation.

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