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How to Easily Manage Passwords Stored Across Multiple Spaces in Confluence
Gretchen Pawloski
Director, Product Marketing
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This blog was originally published by Ted Mahsun on May 3, 2018. It was last updated on  August 12, 2020 by Gretchen Pawloski.

Teams use Confluence for the collaborative creation and storing of knowledge base content. The result is often greater engagement, transparency, and efficiency -- and lots of content pages. As collaboration and knowledge-sharing increase, information can grow quickly, making it difficult to manage, store and index.

Storing and sharing restricted content becomes even more challenging when you have a lot of users storing sensitive information, such as passwords, in multiple locations spread across multiple spaces in Confluence.

This is a common headache, and there’s a solution.

A Password Manager Page, as Simple as 1-2-3

By combining the best features of three ServiceRocket apps,  Confluence admins can easily build a “Password Manager” page to consolidate passwords stored on different pages across multiple spaces in one easily accessible and convenient location.

1 - Industry-Grade Security and Encryption

Security and Encryption for Confluence Cloud is built to protect sensitive or restricted information by allowing admins to encrypt, manage and audit passwords  or other sensitive information.  Use the Secure Macro to encrypt password data and display it as a simple inline button.

manage passwords in confluence

2 - Password Entry in Scaffolding Forms & Templates

Using dynamic forms  and metadata, Scaffolding Forms and Templates for Confluence Cloud structures data, making it easy to summarize, evaluate and create business insights and reporting.

manage passwords in confluence

3 - Powerful Reporting on Scaffolding Metadata

With Reporting for Confluence Cloud, you can gain access to metadata from page, user, space and even attachment properties. See it all in one custom dashboard tailored to suit your needs.

manage passwords in confluence

Solution: Password Manager Page

manage passwords in confluence

For a step-by-step guide to build a password manager solution like this in Confluence, visit our Use Cases page or try it out yourself at our Demo site.

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