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Protect Sensitive Data in Coda with Industry-Grade, End-to-End Encryption
Gretchen Pawloski
Director, Product Marketing
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Confidently share, access and restrict confidential information using Security & Encryption for Coda.

Cybersecurity challenges, ever-present for businesses, have been heightened by the pandemic and the resulting fast pivot to a largely remote work structure. Teams now communicate and collaborate on shared platforms, so security efforts must span  all mediums.

81% of hacking incidents used stolen or weak passwords

This statistic represents a significant risk to a business. Teams need to share sensitive information like passwords, accounts and credentials. So how do you do that safely?

Use Industry Grade Encryption

Security & Encryption for Coda’s powerful end-to-end encryption keeps sensitive data secure and allows admins to track user access with full auditing and reporting capabilities. Plus, it’s built with features to ensure confidential information is secure in Coda workspaces, solving three of your team's main challenges.

1. Keep Highly Sensitive Data Safe and Secure

Security and encryption for confluence

Data is encrypted and decrypted client side with industry-grade AES-256 encryption technology. No unsecured data is transferred over the network or stored in the server. This method significantly reduces the risk of information leaks and system hacks.

2. Share Sensitive Data across Teams, Easily and Safely

Security and encryption for confluence

With access control configuration, you can leverage Coda Doc Makers, Admins or users to restrict secure data access by specific groups or individuals. Create secrets anywhere in your space, then track all your secrets in one convenient place, the “Vault”. Share links to these secrets, instead of sharing sensitive data in plain sight. This can help keep projects moving ahead and reduce human error when working with sensitive data.

3. Confidently Comply with Security Policies

Easily track who created, viewed, attempted to view, updated, deleted, deleted permanently, modified users and restored secrets, all from one centralized location within Coda. With complete audit trails and one-stop access to all this information, administrators can confidently audit activities around sensitive information. With this, teams, administrators and auditors can gain peace of mind when it comes to security compliance.

The Workhorse Pack Every Coda Instance Needs

It takes hard work to keep your sensitive information secure, so you need an app that works hard for you. Security & Encryption for Coda is secure, easy, affordable, available and, dare we say, a must-have for every Coda instance out there.

So whether you’re using Security & Encryption for Coda to store customer details, license keys, information security policy or asset management, keep your data secure and away from prying eyes. Security & Encryption for Coda gives your teams the confidence to share, access and restrict confidential information freely as they collaborate in Coda with industry-grade end-to-end encryption. And it’s all backed by ServiceRocket’s trusted global customer support team.


Give your teams the confidence to share, access, and restrict confidential information in Coda docs with Security & Encryption for Coda.

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