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Publish Confluence Pages to Salesforce and Centralize your Knowledge Base
Gretchen Pawloski
Director, Product Marketing
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Customer-facing teams responsible for delivering outstanding experiences rely upon CRM tools like Salesforce and up-to-date knowledge base content. Technical writing teams tasked with creating this content often use Confluence or other document creation tools outside Salesforce. 

This creates a few challenges. First, to make Confluence content available within Salesforce Knowledge requires either manual ‘copy-paste’ work or context switching. Both options decrease productivity and increase the opportunity for errors.  Second, to keep content current, both teams need the ability to edit; but, if the platforms aren’t connected, any edits must be made in both platforms or the content becomes unreliable.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a centralized knowledge base easily accessible by both internal and customer-facing teams -- from the platform in which they already work?

Absolutely.  And now you can.  Introducing Publisher for Confluence Cloud to Salesforce by ServiceRocket: the only app in the Atlassian ecosystem designed to enable Confluence to be the document source for Salesforce. 

This creates a single source of truth for content and makes that content easily accessible by both internal and customer-facing teams without switching platforms.  Now vital information can be easily shared with Sales and Support teams in Salesforce as well as with partner and customer community portals to improve the customer experience.

Use Confluence as your Knowledge Base Source

With easy content creation, organization, and a powerful search engine, Confluence provides an accessible platform for knowledge management to enable employees and customers to help themselves. It makes sense to leverage your investment in Confluence to centralize your content, and use Publisher for Confluence Cloud to Salesforce to enable Confluence as your document source for Salesforce.

Here’s How It Works

Publish Confluence Pages to Salesforce for Easy Access

Putting vital knowledge base information in the hands of customer-facing teams is as easy as 1-2-3. 

1. Click on the triple dot menu (...)

2. Click on "Publish to Salesforce"

3. See modal dialog. Click on "Publish"

Simplify Searches by Categorizing Content

To make curated content easier to find, categorize it.  Simply click “Publish to Salesforce” and then select the category or categories you’d like to set for your article (example: FAQ or Beginners Guide). Once the content is published, open the “View in Salesforce” link at the top of the Confluence page to see how the article looks in Salesforce.

Control How Articles Look and Who Can See Them

While in Confluence, easily map Salesforce Article record type and fields with the Confluence page title and body to ensure the content displays correctly in Salesforce.  By using Article channel settings, you can control who is able to view the article. Options include public knowledge base, customer, and partner visibility.

Always View the Most Recent Content with Automatic Updates

Enable Automatic Updates to make sure all your content stays up-to-date.  Once the Confluence page is published in Salesforce, subsequent changes to the page will be pushed automatically to Salesforce.  Best of all, your teams will have confidence they are accessing the most recent version of the information.

Put Vital Information at the Fingertips of Customers and Partners 

Once Confluence content is published as native Knowledge Articles in Salesforce, customers and partners can use Salesforce’s native search tool to find relevant information.  Users can also access the Knowledge Sidebar or Knowledge Lightning component to receive content suggestions.

Deliver Better Customer Experiences with Publisher

Publisher for Confluence Cloud to Salesforce makes it easy to publish Confluence pages as Salesforce articles, creates a single source of truth and enables technical and customer-facing teams to deliver timely, unparalleled customer experiences -- from the platform in which they already work.

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Publish Confluence pages as Salesforce articles to create a single source of truth for teams, customers and partner communities.

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