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Say Hello to a Truly Transformative Reporting Tool for Confluence Cloud
Gretchen Pawloski
Director, Product Marketing
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As more companies make the move to Atlassian’s Confluence Cloud, they’re able to grow exponentially. Yet as their use of Confluence grows, data can become unmanageable, or as one customer confided, “It exponentially becomes more difficult to use as it scales.” 

That’s why we built Reporting for Confluence Cloud. This new app democratizes Confluence data across your organization, making reporting easier and more accessible for everyone, not just power users. 

With Reporting for Confluence Cloud, we’ve transformed a powerful product into an even more valuable app for the cloud.

Built on the strengths of our popular Reporting for Confluence (Server/Data Center), Reporting for Confluence Cloud provides an intuitive way to surface the right information to the right audience, enabling teams to spot trends, identify actionable insights and quickly make data-driven decisions.

Greater Access to Data

Reporting for Confluence Cloud is especially useful for fast-growing companies that are looking to scale more easily. With a simplified and unified experience, Reporting makes it much easier for all users to create reports to help visualize and understand their Confluence data. 

With this transformative tool, Confluence users can make sense of thousands of pages, spaces, and interactions and create sophisticated live reports and dashboards.

A Truly Transformative App

“This app provides a holistic way to access metadata across your Confluence instance and structure customizable reports,” says Aidin Mahmoodi, Product Manager, ServiceRocket. Despite its ease of use, notes Aidin, the app was extremely challenging to build. “The underlying technology that we rely on for the Confluence server is completely different from that same layer in the cloud.” 

Meeting that challenge head on, our developers created an app that delivers amazing results, without compromise. 

Reporting for Confluence Cloud features a completely new, intuitive user interface that enables faster outcomes for non-technical users. Everyone, across the organization, can create reports that help them visualize and understand their Confluence data. That’s democracy in action!

A new experience! Explore, build, fine-tune and publish your reports all in one place, one macro.

With the Atlassian announcement of the sunsetting of server apps, now is the time to take a close look at Reporting for Confluence Cloud.

Here’s How It Works

Reporting for Confluence Cloud allows you to build sophisticated live reports and dashboards based on your existing Confluence data and metadata. These live reports always show the latest information so, you can have peace of mind that the content of these reports and dashboards is always up-to-date.

Capture Confluence Metadata

Your Confluence is full of valuable information. Reporting for Confluence Cloud uses Confluence Query Language (CQL) to fetch the right data across all of your existing data and metadata. Similar to JQL (Jira Query Language), CQL allows you to use structured queries to search for content in Confluence. Your search results will take the same form as the Content model returned by the Content REST API.

Create sophisticated reports using powerful Confluence Query Language (CQL).

Reporting for Confluence Cloud’s Explore View allows you to deep dive into your Confluence’s data structure and find the right data point.

Explore View allows you to interactively drill down through Expansions and fine-tune your CQL query to find and locate the right metadata.

Report Blocks Transform Your Data

Reporting for Confluence Cloud’s unique, customizable reporting structure provides flexibility to meet the needs of your teams. Construct your report or dashboard with precision and flexibility using our intuitive Report Builder experience and array of Report Blocks. 

Basic block allows you to simply select a data key and render its value.

Basic Block, is the simplest reporting block, just add your title and the value you want to add to your report.

Text block enables the use of formatted text and the ability to combine your static text with live and dynamic metadata.

Text Block, allows you to build more sophisticated columns, you can mix your static texts with dynamic metadata values and add text decorations, links and, more.

Image block lets you visualize the image attachments, profile pictures, and other types of image files.

Add images to your reports, whether it's a list of attachments on a space or profile pictures of your project members.

Link block allows you to create hyperlinks to pages, spaces, blogs, comments, and more.

Link blocks make your reports more user friendly and intuitive for end-users, allowing them to easily navigate to any available content such as spaces, pages, blogposts or even user profiles.

Visualize Your Report

Once your fully customizable report or dashboard is built, you can choose how your report displays content. Currently, you can choose between table, list, and Block format.

Save your report as a list.
Tables allow better representations of multiple data point in an aggregated view, makes it perfect for dashboards.

Add a few separate reports to your page to create landing pages or project dashboards.
Create your own personal backlog of the projects with the most recent updates from your team members.

Transform Data into Actionable Insights

Reporting for Confluence Cloud is unlike any other product in the Atlassian ecosystem. It ​​provides unparalleled access to metadata to gather vital business data across your Confluence instance. By bringing data to the forefront of your decision-making and strategy, you can find actionable insights, trends, and opportunities to make smart, data-driven decisions.

Customers use Reporting for Confluence Cloud across a wide range of use cases including content management, project management, knowledge base management, inventory/asset management reports, budgeting dashboards, user directory, and document library just to name a few.

And it’s all backed by the ServiceRocket global support team, which means we’re here to help you quickly answer questions and move past roadblocks whenever they happen.

Our customers love powerful, yet simple-to-use apps. We love building them.
We've got your back.

Build customized live reports, dashboards and systems using existing confluence information and metadata. Make better data-driven decisions.

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