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Asset Management

The problem

Most organizations lack an updated inventory of their IT assets and aren’t used to follow any asset management best practices. As the number of assets in your organization increases, so does your challenge of tracking them properly.
Atlassian apps asset management
Atlassian apps asset management

Our solution

Improve user experience and productivity by quickly tracking and accounting for new assets.  We have a few apps that you can rely on to ensure your assets are easy to find, up-to-date and in good shape. Your team can easily keep an inventory and identify assets that need to be prioritized.

Use cases

  • Reduce team member errors by keeping historical content available and automatically redirecting to new versions.
  • Gather content from different spaces, keeping assets accessible from hubs and homepages. 
  • Prioritize assets that need attention with a visible inventory. 
  • Redirect traffic with simple to use macros to keep your assets ready to use.


  • Implement IT asset tracking structure that is easy to replicate by all team members, technical and not. 
  • Keep assets visible throughout their lifecycle. 
  • Use your assets when and where you need them, instead of getting lost in Confluence. 

Featured Apps

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