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Enable one-click links to access Confluence templates, aggregate resources, and create structured content. Linking ensures new Confluence pages are automatically standardized, categorized and properly formatted.
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The Challenge

When you create new pages in Confluence, your chances of standardization errors increase. Also, you probably spend too much time and effort on manual content management. With Linking team members can create and access multiple documents confidently, without technical knowledge. Managers reduce time and efforts dedicated to manually managing content and complex taxonomy, especially for large projects.


Save time, standardize

Help team members create standardized content directly from a page. Enable one-click actions that open fixed and live templates for articles, guides, or meeting notes.

Enforce content structure

Simplify content management and maintenance for complex projects. Select fixed or dynamic page titles, and ensure proper page parenting for improved taxonomy.

Speed up resource access

Easily gather Confluence content scattered across spaces. Aggregate links from multiple resources and build homepages as jump-off points and navigation hubs.