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The easiest way to create page redirects in Confluence. Confluence lacks simple, efficient, out-of-the-box traffic redirection. Redirection lets you easily redirect traffic, and ensures your team always reaches the right destination.
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The Challenge

Confluence lacks simple, efficient, out-of-the-box traffic redirection. This makes it challenging to maintain updated documentation, move content, and avoid “Page Not Found” errors - especially after renaming pages. Redirection solves these issues by enabling macro-based redirects in Confluence. Ensure your users always land on the right content. Relocate pages with full confidence, and reduce errors due to outdated documentation.


Streamline content relocation

Avoid dead-end links, duplicates and confusing navigation. Redirect users automatically, and display notifications to keep them aware of the changes.

Reduce team member errors

Ensure historical content remains available while redirecting users to the latest version or release. Decrease mistakes due to outdated documentation or obsolete information.

Simplify technical tasks

Redirect traffic without Javascript or HTML. Redirection implements simple macros that send users to any kind of content, including live templates (with the ServiceRocket Scaffolding addon).