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Import, sync and manage all Salesforce CRM data directly in Confluence. Remove productivity and collaboration hurdles between your Salesforce and Confluence teams. Allow every department to remove silos, duplicates and stale data about leads, cases, or product updates.
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The Challenge

Managing CRM in Salesforce and business operations in Confluence increases silos, errors, and added costs. Automatically sync knowledge bases, aggregate comments, and create reports from your team’s freshest data. Maximize your budget by reducing Salesforce license costs without sacrificing CRM data access.


Boost teams efficiency

Remove silos between sales, development and service teams by enabling automatic syncing between Salesforce and Confluence. Ensure all departments access the latest data, whether it’s to acquire leads or improve support quality.

Improve knowledge accuracy

Automate cross-platform content creation by syncing data between your wikis, accounts, opportunities, contacts or case details. Eliminate errors and duplicates for a complete, accurate view of your customers’ lifecycle.

Reduce Salesforce costs

Maximize your budget by only purchasing Salesforce license for specific sales and team members. Manage business information in Confluence and access CRM data without multiplying onboarding expenses.