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Connector for Salesforce and Jira
Improve collaboration, communication and transparency between Salesforce and Jira users. Your team members working in Jira and Salesforce inevitably create data silos. Our connector bridges the two systems to ensure seamless integration between them.
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Power up your Salesforce CRM business workflow through seamless integration with Jira


Remove team silos

Improve collaboration and communication for teams who rely on different systems. Sync Jira and Salesforce so every department can work on projects with data that’s always up-to-date and error-free.
Connector for Salesforce and Jira

Increase customer satisfaction

Keep your users in the know about their issue, case, or update - without redirecting them to external pages. Display the latest escalations across systems to improve transparency and ensure your client-focused efforts don’t go unnoticed.
Connector for Salesforce and Jira

Slash redundant processes

Reduce manual updates through automatic, real-time synchronization. Enable mapping schemes to push or pull information between Jira and Salesforce, and speed up item creation in both systems at once.
Connector for Salesforce and Jira

Calculate Your ROI

Project how much money and time the Connector will save you

A Recipe For Success

By eliminating context switching, reducing silos and errors you'll increase collaboration, improve communication quality and get things done faster.

How You Create Value

Your teams will no longer need to change platforms or manually inform other stakeholders about new cases, opportunities or tickets, these will be automatically created and synchronized across Salesforce and Jira.

Imagine, your whole organization up to date on all records, attachments and comments from start to finish.

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Implementation Services

Hit the ground running. Our services start from $995 and will help you save time and deploy the Connector effectively.

Standard Configuration 

We can help you implement and configure your connector for the first time, delivering fast time to value, enabling your teams to drive better communication, efficiency and reducing error-prone interactions.

Standard Configuration + On Boarding 

Besides helping you get started, we provide on-boarding to the new functionalities and system, including how to generate configurations on your own so you can drive your own growth and enable scalability to your team.

We've got their back!

Our Connector is trusted by 3,500+ organizations around the world.

“Salesforce is the center of our knowledge. Everything has to tie to Salesforce. But there was nothing closing the loop.”
- Cy Perry, DoubleDutch

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