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Data Management

The problem

Storing data in Confluence is simple. But as your company grows, managing large amounts of information can get out of hand, when it should empower you to extract insights instead. Unstructured data is hard to find, consume and categorize. When users can’t easily access this data it becomes useless, difficult to protect and almost impossible to analyze. At this point getting the information you need from Confluence becomes a task itself.
Atlassian apps data management
Atlassian apps data management

Our solution

Ensure your data remains reliable and accessible to everyone so it can be useful for decision making. With our set of data management apps you’ll be able to structure information, increase content consumption and improve user experience in Confluence. Users shouldn’t get lost in data, data should empower them to extract insights. Plus, organized data is easier to protect and update.

Use cases

  • Gain access to metadata from page, user, space and attachment properties, presented in a customizable dashboard. 
  • Standardize data linking and scaffolding to keep everyone on the same page. 
  • Pick out essential information and create a quick report from Confluence and external content. 
  • Use an audit trail to see who has created, decrypted and edited secured data within Confluence.


  • Access accurate data in real time for better decision making anywhere in your organization. 
  • Save time (and money) with templates and dynamic, reusable forms for data collection.  
  • Streamline data analysis and reporting, where and when you need it. 
  • Improve the UX of Confluence’ data collection for all members, making things easier for non-technical members of your project team.
  • Simplify data protection — encrypt, manage and audit passwords and protected information with an API.

Featured Apps

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