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Knowledge Management

The problem

Knowledge is a key factor that empowers people achieve great results. Siloed information equals knowledge that’s lost in space. Lack of internal rules and structure makes it challenging to find information relevant to you and your team. It's hard to foster a collaborative environment where pages aren't organized, isn't it?
Atlassian apps knowledge management
Atlassian apps knowledge management

Our solution

Enable organizational learning and encourage sharing of knowledge. We have smart apps that will allow you to establish an internal infrastructure that is user friendly and facilitates leveraging expertise across the organization. Improve navigation experience, review content before it is shared and grant view access depending on the context and content that is relevant to the user.

Use cases

  • Streamline employee on boarding and sales training with a customized content workflow. 
  • Track user progress as they work through new material.
  • Keep tabs on who has access to what in Confluence, filtering by value and user. 
  • Set up an efficient approval infrastructure, complete with a replicable process, page approval reports and page acknowledgement.


  • Improve real time decision making with more accessible data. 
  • Empower teams to act independently with the information that they need. 
  • Boost productivity by keeping information easily accessible. 
  • Control access to individual team members to keep things flowing. 
  • Keep content relevant and updated for yourself, project teams and the entire organization.
  • Make content audits easier by staying on top of the who, what, and where of your organizational knowledge.

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