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Project Management

Atlassian apps project management

The problem

Confluence as a platform solves every project manager’s needs of modern documentation but creates additional challenges in controlling the quality of the data. Effective Project Management requires rigid adherence to standard processes, as well as dependable reporting practices. A defined structure can be hard to maintain when you work in a collaborative environment.

Our solution

Reduce friction that is generated from trying to maintain conventions and structure especially for large projects that involve working with global teams. You can rely on additional tools to manage, validate and control input of data. We have smart, simple, user-friendly apps to standardize content creation and organize it in a structure that is easy to replicate for even non-technical members.
Atlassian apps project management

Use cases

  • Call out the most important content on your page with mobile-compatible composition. 
  • Create tabs, nested menu items, categories, and pinboards to keep all of your project’s assets accessible.
  • Improve data collection and reporting with dynamic and standardized Confluence forms. 
  • Update thousands of Scaffolding pages at the same time to accelerate and scale project management. 
  • Avoid unnecessary questions and wasted time with conditional visibility and access to relevant content.


  • Bring everyone together with simple yet professional pages, spaces and collaboration.
  • Save time (and money) with templates and dynamic, reusable forms. 
  •  Create more accessible content with an app dedicated to composition.
  • Streamline data analysis and reporting, where and when you need it. 
  •  Improve the UX of Confluence for all members.
  • Make things easier for non-technical members of your project team.

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