Connector for Box and Confluence

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Connector for Box and Confluence

Helping teams reduce silos, increase collaboration and deliver results are the outcomes our apps help you achieve. ServiceRocket Apps and Connectors extend and integrate Jira and Confluence into your environment, helping you get work done.

Embed a Box folder

You can include Box folders directly into your pages. Page viewers can navigate, view and download your Box files.

Authorization via Box

Perform industry-standard OAuth 2.0 authorization via Box.


Your business users collaborate in Confluence. Your files are stored in Box. You want one dynamic storage location that is accessible from within Confluence.

The ServiceRocket (formerly CustomWare) Connector for Box and Confluence lets business users access and view the documents without getting out of Confluence.

With the connector users have access to the following macros:

  • box-folder macro: allows you to include Box folders directly into your pages. Page viewers can navigate, view and download your Box files.
  • box-document macro: utilizes Google's Docs viewer to embed a document in a Confluence page.
  • box-widget: embeds Box Widget in a page.

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