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Security and Encryption for Confluence

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Security and Encryption for Confluence

Helping teams reduce silos, increase collaboration and deliver results are the outcomes our apps help you achieve. ServiceRocket Apps and Connectors extend and integrate Jira and Confluence into your environment, helping you get work done.

Protect Sensitive Information

The Secure Macro encrypts sensitive data and displays as a simple inline button for easy access. Data is encrypted and decrypted at the client-side, hence no unsecured data is transferred or stored in the server.

Rich Text Support

Encrypt sensitive information whether it's presented in plain or rich text. Now your secrets can truly be bold, italicized, a hyperlink, etc. You have the power.

Audit Trail

The Secure Macro keeps a record showing who has created, decrypted, and edited the secured data, all at the fingertips of the administrators.


Not sure where to store a common password, credit card information, software licenses or account details? Using Confluence as a Password Manager?

Common usage of this includes:

  • Assisting with compliance audits for various standards - SOC 2, SSAE 16, PCI, HIPAA
  • Storing login passwords that need to be shared with team members.
  • Sharing company's bank account details or credit card information.
  • Implementing Enterprise Security Policies
  • Storing and presenting sensitive data that should only be accessible to or can be viewed by specific individuals and groups.

This add-on contains macros which:

  • Allow storage of sensitive content using industry grade encryption - minus the hassle.
  • Restrict access to the encrypted content by specific users and groups.
  • Encrypt rich text format - bold, italic, links, lists, etc.
  • View decrypted content on the page itself.

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ServiceRocket | Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner - Services, Apps, Training and Support
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