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Workplace and Jira Connector

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Workplace and Jira Connector

Streamline your team's collaboration by integrating Workplace and Jira

Optimized Issue Card on Workplace

Easily see important information regarding issues being shared in Workplace.

Get Issue information via our Bot

Subscribe, get a list of issues and other information from your Jira instance right into your Workchat.


Improve your team's cross-platform communication between Workplace and Jira. Our Connector provides a seamless collaboration solution to communicate and work on Issues efficiently. With advanced features, documentation and around the clock support, this connector is all you need to integrate your teams.

The benefits include:

  • Teams can communicate and work together
  • Keep track of conversations between issues and posts
  • Easily see important updates coming from Jira in Workplace

Key features:

  • Track issues and where are they being posted and shared in Workplace
  • Visually efficient and appealing presentation of Jira issue links in Workplace highlighting important issue information
  • Workplace Bot providing Jira issue updates, notifications and other helpful tools
  • Synchronization of comments (coming soon)
  • Workplace posts triggered by Jira events (coming soon)

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ServiceRocket | Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner - Services, Apps, Training and Support
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