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Work better together. Grow better together.

Our goal is to help you improve collaboration between teams, from planning to building to delivering to automating, so you can improve deployment effectiveness and ultimately increase your speed to market. That's what DevOps is all about.

How We Help IT/DevOps Teams

Tear Down That Wall

Maybe your development team is unaware of what your QA and/or release operations teams need in order to deploy code effectively. Or maybe your QA and release operations teams do not have the context around the purpose and value of the code that has just been built. If this describes you ianyway, you could benefit greatly from adopting a DevOps process. We help you sort that all out to improve how these teams collaborate using the Atlassian Suite.   

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Launch from a Solid Foundation

To get your team up and running quickly on Atlassian tools, we've pulled together services based on our years of experience. All of our "Team Launch Packages" include:

Strategy Workshop

To assess where you're at now & develop an implementation plan for how to achieve your goals


To know where you're going and track your transformation progress

Business Process Review

To optimize your work flows before getting into a new tool

Quick Deployment

Allows us to leverage our Rocket Methodology and best practices to get your system working


Framework will help you establish structure to keep your tool and processes in alignment


Help train your users and your administrators to use tools properly

Ready? Let's talk about your goals.

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ServiceRocket | Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner - Services, Apps, Training and Support
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