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Human illustration of a legal team, improving collaboration and delivering results with Connector of Salesforce and Jira.


Keep Legal & Sales
Aligned - Agily

Many legal teams use Salesforce to create documents and keep them protected. The challenge is that delivering services to clients still relies on collaboration with services and pre-sales teams -- who work in Jira, not Salesforce. So, how do teams using two different platforms address the challenge of effective collaboration to plan and deliver products and services in an agile way?


Integrate Marketing & Sales Around Your Customer

Successful organizations are building their sales and marketing strategies around customer behavior insights.  Those teams need a 360° view of the customer and the ability to collaborate effectively to deliver better customer experiences at every touchpoint. For companies using Salesforce to track customer data and Jira to track marketing execution, how do teams overcome the two-separate-platforms obstacle?

Illustration of two people of a Marketing Team collaborating effectively thanks to Connector for Salesforce & Jira
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