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Jared Winter
Application Analyst,
Application Centre of Excellence,
Qantas Airways
“We’re always looking for partners who are reliable and gives us confidence that they will deliver exactly what they promise. ServiceRocket has proven repeatedly to have the knowledge, expertise, and customer-first approach to complex technology challenges that let us know they’re the rock for us to lean on.”
Cy Perry
Customer Experience Business Operations Manager
“Once we rolled out the Connector for Salesforce and JIRA, the team came up with a bunch of new ideas about how else we could use this technology.”
Marty Collins
Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, Legal and Compliance
“Most integrators wanted to run their standard play. ServiceRocket took the time to learn our environment, listen to each team’s concerns and create a roadmap for configuring each product to the needs of our internal constituencies.”
Steven Vale
Statistical Division, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe UNECE
“ServiceRocket plugins within Confluence have facilitated much quicker editing and maintenance of our content and have resulted in an increased number of page views.”

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