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Salesforce and Jira Service Desk Connector

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Salesforce and Jira Service Desk Connector

Helping teams reduce silos, increase collaboration and deliver results are the outcomes our apps help you achieve. ServiceRocket Apps and Connectors extend and integrate Jira and Confluence into your environment, helping you get work done.

Make the best of both systems

A simple but powerful integration that lets Jira Service Desk and Salesforce do what they are best at. Don't let your teams down by not using the right system for the right purpose.

Reduce manual tasks

Reduce manual tasks and context switching. With automatic match between a Salesforce Contact and a Jira Service Desk request reporter, customer information is instantly visible to your customer service team.


Your customer success is your team success. Your team works with customers in Jira Service Desk but customer information is only available in Salesforce. Let the connector solves this problem.

The benefits include:

  • Better experience for your customers; your customer service team has immediate access to customer information; to create a personalized experience and ask the right questions.
  • Integrated experience for your teams; everyone across Jira Service Desk and Salesforce gets the same view of the customer.
  • Speeds up Jira Service Desk adoption, while fully utilizing CRM capabilities of Salesforce.

Key features:

  • Automatic match of the reporter with Salesforce Contact in all Jira Service Desk requests.
  • View Contact and Account information from within Jira Service Desk requests.
  • Coming soon - support for more Salesforce objects and fields.
  • Look-and-feel is ready for the new Jira experience.

Use cases:

  • Integrated customer success ecosystem
  • Customer service helpdesk
  • Case management system

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