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Optimization Services

Get Value & Prepare for Growth

Having good technical support leads to successful deployments, increased adoption and consumption of your products, and customer satisfaction and retention.

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We'll work with you every step of the way to provide guidance in how to upgrade your instance and ensure it's fit for the latest features and functionality of the next upgrade.

Configuration Review

We'll evaluate your environment against recommended configurations to help avoid performance issues and provide a comprehensive review of your Atlassian instance to identify areas of concern.


Provide guidance and structure to define a framework for rolling out technologies that aligns teams on strategy, goals and execution so you can achieve your business objectives.

Optimization Services

We put your outcomes first. Our experienced services team includes accomplished authors, trainers, support personnel and app developers. In fact, we wrote the bible on Jira administration. Leveraging this expertise, we offer a range of services that can support you after the implementation so software adoption continues inside your organization.

We Can Help

The Rocket Methodology

Over the years, we’ve come to know that in order to scale and produce repeatable outcomes, that you need to have a team that’s aligned not only at the technical level, but in the way they work and the way they approach the unexpected, the unknown and the seemingly impossible in a way that is squarely focused on the customer outcome.


During this phase of the project, we’ll blueprint some high level designs, run some workshops and spend time thinking about the end users and outcomes.


We’ll define the simplest pathway to success, which usually means quickly getting value for our customers , so that they can help steer the future of the project.


We have a world-class engineering team that works on our own products and we learn from them the latest coding and devops techniques and apply them to all of our engagements.


Time to materialize the vision from the ideation phases. We proceed with progress iteratively together with our clients.


We work to identify the key roles and people that need to be involved and aware of the solution.


We’re always looking for ways to automate and improve the delivery of services to our customers.

Services by ServiceRocket for Atlassian

Since 2003, we've helped Atlassian customers get the most out of their software. We'd love to help you too. Whether it's services, licenses, apps or training - our Rocketeers are ready to help you do more with your Atlassian solution.

Consulting Services

Strategy Workshops, Health Checks, Roadmap, Business Process

Implementation Services

Quick Deploy, Readiness, Integration, Data Migration, Custom Development

Optimization Services

Upgrade, Config Review, Governance

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ServiceRocket | Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner - Services, Apps, Training and Support
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