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Many people dread using their help desk. It is easier to suffer in silence than to log an issue. ServiceRocket fixes this problem by deploying Jira Service Desk with our templates to get you delivering intuitive results far faster.

Our solutions were built based on over a hundred JSD projects over the last few years. They support many best practices out of the box, including ITIL. While based on best practices, our templates can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. When you're ready to get started changing your team's lives, click here.

Tailor Atlassian to meet your specific needs

We know your business has unique needs. We apply best practices gleaned from thousands of customer deployments to ensure your business success.
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“Most integrators wanted to run their standard play. ServiceRocket took the time to learn our environment, listen to each team’s concerns and create a roadmap for configuring each product to the needs of our internal constituencies.”
Marty Collins
QuinStreet’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, Legal and Compliance

Help you drive adoption, minimize risks, and maximize productivity over time

Our managed services takes care of your Atlassian systems, driving better adoption, increased productivity and minimizing your risks so you can focus on building your business.
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Simplify your licensing

Whether it's licenses for Atlassian products or other Atlassian app vendors (including those not sold via the Atlassian marketplace), our License Concierge Team provides the highest level of customer service to optimize your license procurement.
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