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ServiceRocket is Atlassian's first partner and is certified platinum in both APAC and North America as well as Silver in the UK. We deliver a variety of consulting services to ensure you are able to focus on your business and adapt the Atlassian toolset to meet your specific needs rather than being forced to change your business practices.

We leverage best practices to ensure you can take advantage of the knowledge gained from thousands of customer engagements.
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He is next to a client dressed in a white shirt with black vertical stripes. Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Certificate.
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Advisory services

We work with you to understand your current and future needs and to put together a plan to support your vision.
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A defined structure and established processes are hard to maintain in any project. Standardize content creation and organize it in a structure that is easy to replicate even for non-technical members.
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Is your team new to Atlassian? Leverage our best practices to ensure you are successful.
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Many customers find it is easier to manage a smaller number of systems that share a common platform (and often less expensive!). We help you do this by merging two or more systems into one Atlassian environment.
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We help you balance the benefits of an upgrade (new features and functionality, improved performance, better support, compliance) against the cost, and help you upgrade to the latest stable version when the benefits outweigh costs.
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We help you get into the optimal environment, whether that is a hardware migration, moving from cloud to server, moving from server to cloud, or porting over critical data from your other systems into your Atlassian environment.
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Health check

Benchmark your performance, diagnose likely root-cause, and recommend the most practical and effective solutions to improve performance, scalability and productivity.
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We'll help you connect the systems that need to work with your Atlassian solution, leveraging the latest methods and technologies.
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Custom development

Need help with a problem that out-of-the-box can't resolve? We develop custom solutions to your business problems.

How we do it.
The Rocket Methodology.

We've successfully implemented Atlassian solutions for thousands of customers. In order to scale and produce repeatable outcomes that incorporate best practices, we built a methodology that produces predictable outcomes for our customers, regardless of the project's business or technical complexity.


During this phase of the project, we’ll blueprint some high level designs, run some workshops, and think about the customer journey.


We’ll define the simplest pathway to success, which usually means quickly delivering value for our customers, so that they can help steer the future of the project.


Next our world-class consulting team designs the solution to meet your business outcomes.


Time to realize the vision from the previous phases. We proceed iteratively with our clients, validating each step of the way.


We work to identify the key roles and people that need to be involved and aware of the solution and educate them accordingly.


We’re always looking for ways to automate and improve the delivery of services to our customers.

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