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A Better ITSM Platform for a Better Business: How JSM Succeeds Where ServiceNow Falls Short
ServiceRocket Team
Cross-Team Collaboration
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Maintaining the smooth operation of your IT systems requires business agility, tracking, managing, and addressing end-user system issues. In the case that your ITSM platform requires specialization or extensive engineering to integrate with other key systems, how much are you paying to stay on that platform?

In this webinar, join Foogie Sim, Solution Management Manager and Danielle Kirkeby, Customer Success Manager from ServiceRocket as they explore where current ITSM platforms, like Servicenow, fall short. The complexity, inflexibility, and specialized nature of systems can lead to cost increases and inefficiencies. To improve collaboration between teams, especially between DevOps and IT, your ITSM tools should adapt to the way your organization works.

In this webinar, explore:

  • Why having the right ITSM solution matters
  • The impact of an inflexible ITSM platform on your business
  • Creating the case for migrating to Atlassian JSM
  • How to pave the way to a successful migration from ServiceNow to JSM

Discover the ServiceNow alternative built on Jira, that brings your teams together.

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