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Jira Administration: Invite Users to Register for a Jira Account
Bill Cushard
General Manager - Learndot
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The Jira Administrator's Grind

As many tasks as a Jira Administrator needs to take care of every day, it is exceptional when a task is found that can save time. One of these tasks is adding new users to Jira. In many organizations, adding users is an infrequent occurrence that is performed when Jira is initially set up and again when new employees join the organization. For small teams this does not occur very often. However in larger enterprises, continuous employee turnover is a rhythm that is regularly maintained as employees come and go.

Adding new users can be a tedious Jira Administration task, as someone needs to type in a person's username, password (twice to confirm), full name, and email address to set up a user in Jira. The good news is that there is a feature in Jira that eliminates most of this data entry from the administrator's "To-Do" list. In the video on this page, ServiceRocket's technical trainer, Johnny Tu, explains how to use the Invite Users function in Jira to send new users a message to set up their own account in Jira.

What could be better than eliminating needless work so you can spend time on more important things?


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